We have the passion, we need you.


We are a group exciting, energetic group of people who love Jesus and love to serve others. There's only one problem we need you! There are a lot of things that go in to making each service a success. We have a place for everyone whether you're in High School, Middle School or if you're 18+ we have a place for you.


Where do I fit in?

Middle School & High School

This ministry is full of passion people just like you. We are bunch of people who believe and know teamwork makes the dream work and without your help its just a dream. We are excited that you are showing interest and want to get plugged in. So we want to help you get started. Below is a way to get your contact information we can reach you and get you closer getting more involved. We hope to see you soon!

What's the next step?

  • Fill in your into in the "Get Started" at the bottom of this page
  • We we will send you an email or text with more info
  • Leadership Classes 1.1 & 1.2 (every 6 weeks)


We are glad you stopped and are interested in helping this youth ministry. We see a lot of kids weekly and know that it wouldn't be possible to have this service without some adult help, this is where you come in. The safety of the kids is our main priority, so we have a few things we need from you before you can start actively serving in this youth ministry. Below you will see whats my next steps then further down you will see an area were we need some info from you. Don't worry we won't harass you we just want to contact you and send you some info. If you are interested in getting plugged into our main services or young adult services we have provided the links below. Thank you for considering REAL Houston as a place you want to serve.

What's my next step?

  • Fill in your into in the "Get Started" at the bottom of this page
  • Return the application which can be emailed or picked up

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